After a long winter break

My first ride out after a what felt like a long cold wet winter was a huge success. To be honest it was still winter, it was just less cold and not wet!

Through the Weekly Ride, I went out with a few of my friends who I regularly ride with and who could make it, it seems people like me were itching to get out and ride, so a lot of us turned out. We were heading out to the Hertfordshire countryside and agreed our destination would be a place called the Aquadrome in Rickmansworth. There is a lovely little café, surrounded by lakes and green spaces and a large car park which is always handy.

Hertfordshire has lots of leafy (well they would be in the summer time), twisty roads, so we enjoyed the journey there and the journey back.

There was a large variety of bikes, a couple of learners also, the ride out was at a decent pace, but not going too crazy. It was lovely to catch up with my biker friends and meet a few new people, who hopefully I will see again on more rides.


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