International women’s ride day

International women’s ride day, (yes there is one) which is to promote more women to riding. Let’s face it retail bike shops should love this, we spend big!

9 enthusiastic ladies met at The Bike Shed for breakfast, before setting of on a journey which would take us backwards and forwards forwards and backward across 17 London bridges & tunnels.

The route had already been set & tested by Charlotte Barnes who’d led some ladies on a previous ride from the VC HQ… their day was the first brilliant hot sunshine of the year, everyone was buoyant.

We used GPX Bicycle app, which apparently is actually for bicycles. In this case it work just fine.

In the morning the sun was in and out, blood freezing when in! Baking hot when out & naturally I was dresses inappropriately for both.

Rotherhide tunnel was the 1st crossing, smoky dirty but enabled the obligatory revin… goooood noise !

Westminster bridge was heaving with tourists, Due to Beg Ben of course & the TWEED cycle race was also taking place across it. Victorian attire and lots of penny farthings. Whilst sat in traffic here the sun was blasting hot.

We lost 1/2 the crew just after Blackfriars due to the immense number of traffic lights and roundabouts and the tight turn the first crew had to make at the other side.. being mid marker with my yellow starry helmet, it was my job to spot them whilst we waited down an ally .. I waved like crazy! They missed me … aahhhr

Miraculously by Battersea we’d all regrouped, it was like seeing the family again.phew..

Whilst in Hammersmith the heavens opened with hail stones the size of frigging golf balls, which were hitting us like bullets, we pushed our way forward to get under the picturesque flyover! Then out the other side the sun was out again.

With the final bridge KEW done .. 3 1/2 hours in , 27miles rode 16 crossings (1 was closed) …we visited the The Ship at Mortlake. Getting off those seats was like a lovely stroke to the face aaahhh!!!

We then proceeded to demolish well earned food of substance. Chips pies lasagne etc. We the all said our good byes in heavy rain and misted visors & headed home with big smiles, and & then more hail!

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